Transmission Chain'S Unique Advantages


Chain can be divided into Transmission Chain, Lifting C […]

Chain can be divided into Transmission Chain, Lifting Chain and Traction Chain. Lifting chains and traction chains are used for lifting and transportation machinery. Transmission chains are widely used in general mechanical transmission. Transmission Chain can be divided into roller chains and toothed chains.


The chain drive consists of a chain and a sprocket mounted on a parallel shaft, and transmits motion and power through the continuous engagement of the chain and sprocket teeth.


Features of chain drive:

  1. Compared with belt transmission, there is no elastic sliding, which can maintain an accurate average transmission ratio, and the transmission efficiency is high; the chain does not require large tension, so the shaft and bearing are subject to a small plate load; will not slip, transmission Reliable, strong overload capacity, can work well under low speed and heavy load;
  2. Compared with gear transmission, it can have a larger center distance, can work in high temperature environment and dusty environment, and the cost is lower.

information about Transmission Chain :

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