What Are The Steps Of Transmission Chain Design


In the design and production process of Transmission Ch […]

In the design and production process of Transmission Chain , there are four critical steps: blanking, braiding, welding, "shaping" and heat treatment. Next, the hzqjchain Transmission Chain manufacturer will briefly introduce it to everyone.


  1. The blanking refers to the materials required for the production of industrial transmission chains in the pre-programmed machine. During the blanking process, it should be carried out according to the dimensions indicated in the chain design drawings.
  2. The braiding refers to the "braiding" of materials processed by the machine. In order to ensure the quality of the next step, the raw materials should have stable hardness and good cold bending during the braiding process.
  3. Welding: There are three common welding methods for transmission chains: cold braided cold welding, hot braided cold welding, and hot braided hot welding. Among them, cold braided cold welding is mainly suitable for large-scale mining chains. Hot braided cold welding is mainly used to produce industrial chains with longer lengths. The temperature and process applicable to different methods are slightly different.
  4. Reshaping aims to change the shape of the raw material and make it more close to the shape of the chain.
  5. Heat treatment refers to the use of high temperature and various auxiliary media to improve the structure of raw materials and enhance performance. Generally, annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, and boronizing Etc.


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