Storage Precautions Of Motorcycle Chain


Storage precautions of Motorcycle Chain : 1. An excessi […]

Storage precautions of Motorcycle Chain :

1. An excessively humid storage environment will cause oxidation of the chain, which is mainly reflected in the color and luster on the sprocket. If stored in an excessively humid environment for a long time, the chain may also rust, which will have a certain impact on product quality.

2. Another important precaution for storing the chain is to keep away from high temperatures or a strong light environment. In such an environment, the chain will expand and contract with heat, and the volume of the chain will increase for a long time, which will cause the change of the size of the chain, which will affect the use of the product. In addition, in a long-term high-temperature environment, the performance of the chain material will change, which will also have a great impact on the later use of the chain material, and the phenomenon of tooth loss may occur.

3. If the chain is chemically corrosive in the storage environment, this is fatal to the chain. Long-term corrosion will cause problems in the chain during use and affect the operator’s body and mind. Therefore, it is recommended When you buy a chain, first check the product to avoid buying substandard products.

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