Silent Chains Wholesalers Introduces The Precautions For Buying Chains


In our lives, the scope of application of the chain is […]

In our lives, the scope of application of the chain is very wide, and the role of the chain is very much. Moreover, there are many things that we need to pay attention to when buying chains. There are many people who are not very professional in this area. They do not have a very clear understanding of the method of buying chains. Then, Silent Chains Wholesalers introduces in choosing What should you pay attention to when buying a chain?

The visual inspection of the chain is whether the inner/outer chain is deformed, cracked, or corroded; whether the pin is deformed or rotated, or corroded; whether the roller is cracked, damaged, excessive wear; whether the joint is loose and deformed; whether there is abnormal noise during operation Or abnormal vibration, whether the chain lubrication is in good condition.

The detection method of the chain is that the chain is cleaned before the measurement; the chain to be tested is surrounded by two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the chain to be tested should be supported; the chain before the measurement should stay under the state of applying one-third of the ultimate tensile load 1min; During the measurement, apply the specified measurement load on the chain to make the upper and lower chains tensioned. The chain and the sprocket should ensure normal toothing; measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

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