Steps To Replace Motorcycle Chain


When the Motorcycle Chain is to be replaced, it should […]

When the Motorcycle Chain is to be replaced, it should be noted that the chain and the sprocket must be replaced together. The new chain will accelerate the aging of the chain on the old sprocket. The new sprocket is also the same as the old chain. It is not complicated to replace, but it requires Wheel brackets, tools for removing the rear wheels and sprockets, and special chain tools.


Of course there will be differences between each car, but the basic principle is the same. Remove the front sprocket, remove the old chain, replace with a new sprocket, and finally install the new chain. Then use all your strength to tighten the screws. If necessary, add an extension to the wrench. The front sprocket is removed, put it into neutral, put the car on the bracket, wear rubber gloves, it is time to change the chain How to use the tool at hand, remove the latch on the chain. Screw on the rear sprocket.


Finally, you can change the sprocket and put the tire back. The axle does not need to be tightened first, because you need to adjust the tightness of the chain. Each car has different requirements for its tightness.

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