How To Maintain The Industrial Chain To Extend The Service Life


Industrial Chain will become lax or even disconnected a […]

Industrial Chain will become lax or even disconnected after long-term use, and how to prevent such problems?


The chain tension should be improved first. In order to reduce its wear and tightness, we can buy better quality chains, which can improve the machining accuracy of the gears and the hardness of the working surface.


Secondly, when installing the chain, the device should be parallel to the chain axis and corrected correctly, so that the wear of the chain can be effectively reduced, otherwise the chain will deviate from the chain axis, which will aggravate the wear of the chain. We improve the tightness of the chain, and can change the Qianjin screws from two to four, which will make the operation easier and improve the safety of the chain operation.


The liquid oily substance used in the last chain lubrication has the functions of lubricating, anti-rust, waterproofing and anti-friction to the industrial chain.

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