Four Lubrication Methods Used In Conveyor Chain


In the chain industry, Conveyor Chain is a commonly use […]

In the chain industry, Conveyor Chain is a commonly used chain type. It also needs maintenance of lubricating oil during its use. So how to choose the appropriate lubricating oil? Let's take a look below


  1. Oil drip lubrication, use the oil cup to drop oil to the gap between the inner and outer chain plates of the loose edge through the oil pipe.
  2. The oil pump is lubricated by pressure injection, and the oil pump continuously supplies oil to the chain through the oil pipe. Marketing consultant circulating oil can play the role of lubrication and cooling.
  3. Artificially use regular oil pots or oil brushes to supply oil.
  4. Oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication adopts a sealed transmission box. The former part of the chain and sprocket is immersed in oil, and the latter uses a larger diameter oil splash plate to splash oil.


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