What Are The Common Faults Of Conveyor Chain


Conveyor Chain is widely used in industrial chains, suc […]

Conveyor Chain is widely used in industrial chains, such as food conveying machinery, fertilizer conveying equipment, mining machine chains, etc.


Conveyor Chain is a common occurrence of wear and tear during the use of Conveyor Chain. Generally, there are many cases of chain wear. Wear is generally due to long-term use of the chain, improper operation during use, and the use of steel materials for the chain is of inferior quality.


The slight wear of the chain will not cause great damage to the chain. You can reverse the chain without replacing the chain so that the worn side is facing the sprocket. If both sides of the chain are worn, it can only be replaced.


In addition to wear, the chain will often break. Breaking usually occurs due to improper use of the chain. The chain should be lubricated and cleaned regularly. The use environment of the chain is also critical to the service life of the chain. Generally, it is better to use stainless steel chains, galvanized chains, and nickel-plated chains in corrosive occasions and outdoors.

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