Precautions For Leaf Chain Maintenance


When Leaf Chain is installed when the chain is activate […]

When Leaf Chain is installed when the chain is activated, it is necessary to check whether the chain is operating normally and whether the tension of the saw chain is normal. Remember to close the chain brake before starting, so that the chain can be braked to prevent danger during startup. However, the chain brake must be loosened before work, otherwise the bearings will be damaged.


When the chain rotates, pay attention to avoid friction with the ground or other objects. The chain should be oiled and coated with anti-rust paint in time. Once the chain is rusted, it should be replaced in time to improve work efficiency.


The chain should be inspected and maintained frequently, and the chain should be repaired in a timely manner and the cause should be found out. Lubricating the chain is a necessary maintenance, which can not only improve the working efficiency, but also extend the service life of the chain.


The commonly used lubrication method for the chains of household machinery is to use an oil pot or oil brush to periodically lubricate the chain. For mechanical chains that are not convenient for brushing with tools, use the oil cup to drip oil through the oil pipe to the gap between the chain plates.


Oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication, which uses a sealed transmission case, immersing part of the chain in the oil, and the latter is splashed by the oil pan. The oil pump lubricates with the pressure of the oil pump, which is the continuous oil supply from the oil pump to the chain, so that the circulation plays the role of lubrication and cooling.

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