Uses And Characteristics Of Silent Chain


The silent chain is formed by a set of chain plates wit […]

The silent chain is formed by a set of chain plates with two teeth that are staggered side by side and hinged side by side. The two sides of each tooth are working surfaces, and the tooth shape is a straight line. When working, the outer edges of the sprocket teeth mesh with the sprocket teeth to achieve transmission. Toothed chain is a widely used mechanical basic part, especially at high speed to achieve low noise

Features of Silent Chain :
1. It can perform high-precision motion, and the wear and elongation of each chain link is uniform, and it can maintain very high motion accuracy.

2. Low noise, power is transmitted through the involute tooth profile of the working chain plate and the sprocket teeth, the impact is small, the movement is stable, and the meshing noise is small.

3. High reliability, the chain link is a multi-piece structure. When individual chains are damaged during work, it does not affect the work of the entire chain, so that people can find and replace in time. Smaller size in the width direction (increasing the number of chain rows).


information about Silent Chain :

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