Lubrication Of Roller Chain Drive


1.Lubricant flow Each hinge of the Roller Chain is a ra […]

1.Lubricant flow

Each hinge of the Roller Chain is a radial bearing, so it must be fully and effectively lubricated to obtain the highest wear life. In addition to sufficient lubrication, it can reduce the wear of the pin and sleeve sound, but also make the sprocket and chain roller lie smoothly, slow down the impact of the roller and sprocket, and dissipate heat, and remove the debris and foreign matter. And prevent rust.

Before the chain engages with the sprocket, lubricating oil should be applied to the upper part of the chain plate of the chain sag. Gravity and centrifugal force cause the lubricant to flow to the pins and sleeve surfaces that need lubrication. Lubricants on the edges of the chain plates also provide lubrication to the pin and sleeve surfaces.

2. Characteristics of lubricant:

Roller chain transmission lubricants should have the following characteristics:

A. Low enough viscosity to allow the lubricant to penetrate the surface to be lubricated;

B, can maintain sufficient viscosity of the lubricant film under normal bearing pressure or add appropriate additives;

C, clean and free of corrosive substances;

D. Under normal working conditions, it has the ability to maintain lubrication quality. Generally, high-quality lubricants that are extracted from petroleum and do not contain detergents can meet these requirements. Detergents are generally not required, but it is best to include additives that prevent foaming, rust, and increase the strength of the oil film.

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