Hzqjchain Leaf Chain Manufacturers Introduce Precautions For Purchasing A Chain


Today, manufacturers of hzqjchain Leaf Chain will share […]

Today, manufacturers of hzqjchain Leaf Chain will share some precautions when choosing a chain.

The appearance inspection of the chain is whether the inner / outer chain piece is deformed, cracked, embroidered; whether the pin is deformed or turned, embroidered; whether the roller is cracked or damaged; excessive wear; whether the joint is loose and deformed; whether there is abnormal noise during operation Or abnormal vibration, whether the chain lubrication condition is good.

The detection method of the chain is to clean the chain before measurement; surround the measured chain on two sprocket wheels, and the upper and lower sides of the measured chain should be supported; the chain before measurement should stay under the state of one-third of the ultimate tensile load 1min; when measuring, apply the prescribed measurement load on the chain to make the upper and lower chains tension. The chain and the sprocket should ensure normal meshing; measure the center distance between the two sprocket.

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