Must The Number Of Roller Chain Links Be Even


Roller Chain chain length is expressed by the number of […]

Roller Chain chain length is expressed by the number of links. The number of chain links is preferably an even number, so that when the chains form a ring, the outer chain plate and the inner chain plate are connected, and the joint can be locked with a spring clip or a cotter pin. If the number of roller chain links is odd, a transition link is required. When the chain is under tension, the transition link also bears additional bending load, which should generally be avoided.


The national standard only stipulates the maximum and minimum values of the tooth surface arc radius, tooth groove arc radius and tooth groove angle of roller chain sprocket tooth groove. The actual end tooth profile of each sprocket should be between the maximum and minimum cogging shapes. Such processing makes the design of the sprocket tooth profile curve very flexible. However, the tooth shape should ensure that the energy-saving chain enters and exits smoothly, and is easy to process. There are a variety of end-tooth profile curves that meet the above requirements. The most commonly used tooth shape is "three circular arc straight line".

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