Industrial Sprocket Is A Solid Or Spoked Gear


Industrial Sprocket refers to a wheel with cog-type buc […]

Industrial Sprocket refers to a wheel with cog-type buckle teeth, which is used to mesh with a block with an accurate pitch on a link chain or cable.


Industrial Sprocket is a solid or spoked gear that meshes with (roller) chains to transmit motion.


It is widely used in mechanical transmission in chemical industry, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries.


The sprocket body with adjustable shaft diameter of Industrial Sprocket is provided with a shaft hole, and a shaft sleeve for fixing the rotating shaft is arranged in the shaft hole. The shaft sleeve is composed of at least four retractable clamping blocks, and the clamping blocks are evenly distributed in the circumferential direction. The block is fixedly connected with a screw, the sprocket body is provided with a mounting groove for the screw to penetrate, the sprocket body is provided with a groove, the screw is provided with an adjustment shaft sleeve matched with the screw thread, and the groove is used for placement The adjusting sleeve is provided with a scale on the end surface of the adjusting sleeve; the screw is fixedly connected to the limiting block, the side wall of the mounting groove is provided with a limiting groove for supplying the sliding of the limiting block; the inner wall of the clamping block is provided with wear resistance Bulge.

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