Installation Precautions For Industrial Sprocket


Sprockets are often used in the industry. Today, the ma […]

Sprockets are often used in the industry. Today, the manufacturer of Industrial Sprocket will introduce the precautions for sprocket installation.

The first is to choose the right sprocket. Each type of sprocket is required by the model, so when choosing a sprocket, you must be optimistic about the model and then choose.

The second is to install in accordance with the correct steps and installation methods, install the master and slave sprocket in place, tighten various fixing and connecting parts to prevent loosening in use and cause unnecessary property damage. If necessary, please ask professionals installation. Then there is debugging.

Test ride to see if the tightness is appropriate and adjust it. If there is a problem, please adjust it in time to avoid loss.

Finally, install the upper chain to adjust the tightness of the chain until it is suitable. If necessary, please perform regular lubrication and maintenance. If it is not lubricated for a long time, it will cause a sharp bite between the sprocket and the chain, causing serious wear and tear, and the gears will be quoted to shorten the service life.

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