Conveyor Chain Manufacturer Introduces Tips For Choosing Chain Liners


The following manufacturers of hzqjchain Conveyor Chain […]

The following manufacturers of hzqjchain Conveyor Chain will tell you how to choose a chain liner:

1. Temperature detection: Authentic UPE products with ultra high molecular weight will not melt and not deform at 200 ° C, but will become soft. If it is not authentic UPE material will be deformed at 200 degrees Celsius.

2. Edge test method: The end face of the authentic UHMW PE flanging is smooth, uniform and smooth. If it is not the authentic UPE material, the end surface of the flanging has cracks, and the slag will occur when the flanging is heated.

3. Visual method: The surface of real UHMWPE is flat, well-balanced, smooth, black hair is bright and the cut density is very uniform. If it is not authentic, the UPE material has a dull color and uneven density.

4. Weighing rule: The proportion of real ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products is between 0.93 and 0.95, the density is relatively small, and it can float on the water. If it is not authentic UPE material, it will sink to the bottom.


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