Conveyor Chain Manufacturers Introduces How To Effectively Reduce The Application Loss Of The Chain


Conveyor Chain Manufacturers introduces how to effectiv […]

Conveyor Chain Manufacturers introduces how to effectively reduce the application loss of the chain:


Pay attention to the application of chain cooling circulating water. The fans and pumps used in the chain are all large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, and the fans are running continuously at all. Therefore, the motors used in the chain are very easy to get hot, and water should be used to stop the cooling.


However, as the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious today, water also belongs to rigid demand. Advocating the application of the termination cycle system for refrigeration tap water, and developing efficiency to reduce loss not only reduces the loss but also saves tap water.


Pay attention to the overall thermal insulation of the chain. The air-drying work is mainly the energy used, so sufficient application of energy becomes a very important item. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the heat insulation work of the chain, no energy outflow can be shown at any stage.


Application of chain soft starter. The centrifugal fan is a key supporting facility of the drying equipment, and it runs continuously at all, and its loss is very large. Here you need to use a soft starter, after applying the soft starter, you can manipulate the operation of the centrifugal fan artificially. In addition, the soft starter can also be lifted at the dust collector equipment.


Pay attention to the design of the chain heater regulator. If energy is in contact with wet raw materials, it is necessary to go through the heating air regulator. How to make the drying equipment and how to design the heating air regulator is a key task, which immediately jeopardizes whether the raw materials can meet the requirements when air-dried.


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