Transmission Chain Is A Common Type Of Chain


The main categories of chains are: short pitch roller c […]

The main categories of chains are: short pitch roller chains for transmission, double pitch roller chains for transmission, sleeve chains for transmission, curved plate roller chains for heavy-duty transmission, toothed chains for transmission, stepless variable speed chains, Long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, double speed conveyor chain, plate chain.


Chains can be divided into Transmission Chain , Lifting Chain and Traction Chain. Lifting chains and drag chains are used for lifting and transporting machinery. Transmission chains are widely used in general mechanical transmission. This chapter only introduces transmission chains. Transmission chains can be divided into roller chains and toothed chains.

The chain drive consists of a chain and a sprocket mounted on a parallel shaft, which transmits motion and power through the continuous meshing of the chain and sprocket teeth.

Characteristics of chain drive:

1. Compared with the belt drive, there is no elastic sliding, which can maintain an accurate average transmission ratio and higher transmission efficiency; the chain does not require large tension forces, so the load on the shaft and bearings is small; it does not slip, and the transmission is reliable , Strong overload capacity, can work well under low speed and heavy load;

2. Compared with gear transmission, it can have a larger center distance, can work in high temperature environment and dusty environment, and the cost is lower;

3. Disadvantages are that the instantaneous chain speed and instantaneous transmission ratio are changed, the transmission stability is poor, there are impacts and noise during work, it is not suitable for high-speed occasions, and it is not suitable for situations where the direction of rotation changes frequently.

information about Transmission Chain :

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