Structural Characteristics Of Conveyor Chain


The development of conveying chain and chain conveyors […]

The development of conveying chain and chain conveyors is complementary. Combined with chain conveyors, it is necessary for workers engaged in the design and application of chain conveyors to understand the development of a chain for conveyors. Below, let's take a look at the structural characteristics of the Conveyor Chain :

1. Development of chain structure There are many ways to realize the function of chain conveyors, thus promoting the development of conveying chain structure. These methods include:
The way of carrying and transporting articles
A chainplate bearing; B, chain roller bearing.

2. The way to run in orbit
A the chainplate slides on the track; B, the chain roller rolls on the track; C, chain accessories rolling on the track.

3. Engagement mode between chain and driving sprocket
A the chainplate is engaged with the sprocket teeth; B, roller (or sleeve) is engaged with sprocket teeth.

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