Industrial Sprocket Will Wear Out For A Long Time


We will all find that if we use Industrial Sprocket for […]

We will all find that if we use Industrial Sprocket for a long time, we will find that Industrial Sprocket has a wear and tear phenomenon:


During the meshing process of Industrial Sprocket, material friction damage often occurs on the contact surfaces of the gear teeth. Where the amount of wear does not affect the function that the gear should have in the expected life, it is called normal wear.


The normal wear of the gear is characterized by bright and smooth tooth surfaces, no macro abrasion, and various tolerances are within the allowable range. If the gear is made of improper materials or there are hard particles between the contact surfaces, it often causes early wear of the gear. Tiny particles are separated, causing the contact surface to undergo dimensional changes, weight loss, and tooth shape changes, tooth thickness becomes thinner, and noise increases. As a result of severe wear, the gear will fail.


The form of wear failure can be divided into: abrasive wear, cementation wear, corrosion wear, and gear end face impact wear.


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