High-speed automatic sorting line of precision chains


The chain conveyor works on the load-bearing chain with […]

The chain conveyor works on the load-bearing chain with a higher load-bearing roller attachment between each section to carry the cargo. The chain is rolled by rollers and tracks. Since the rollers on the chain are in rolling contact with the track, the frictional resistance is small, the power loss is low, and the heavier load can be carried. The load capacity is related to the strength of the bracket, the size of the chain, the size of the roller, and the material. The material of the roller is generally made of steel, but in some cases, in order to reduce the noise, the wear-resistant engineering plastic is used.

The conveyor chain has various structures and various attachments, which is easy to realize accumulation and transportation. It can be used as an assembly line or as a storage and transportation of materials.

Short pitch precision roller chains(B series)

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