Drive Chain Manufacturers Introduces How To Quickly Remove Damaged Sprocket Bearings


Drive Chain Manufacturers introduced how to quickly rem […]

Drive Chain Manufacturers introduced how to quickly remove damaged sprocket bearings:

1. Gradually remove the end caps and screw caps of the roller bearings and rolling bearings.


2. Gradually apply pulse pressure hydraulic jack or copper rod to remove shaft and disc type rolling bearing.


3. Use a copper rod or a small twist drill to knock the two sides of the rolling bearing from the outer edge of the drum by using a thin, long wooden square to coat another cylindrical roller bearing.


The defect of this type of disassembly method of stainless steel sprocket is that the rolling bearing adopts self-aligning cylindrical roller bearing, and the gap between the two sides and the rolling bearing cylindrical rolling bearing plug cover is not correct, and the rotating workpiece can be rotated. Because of the thread movement, it cannot be used with general disassembly tools Applied together, the square beam of the operation process is used as the bearing point on the outer edge of the rolling bearing.

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