Drive Chain Manufacturer Introduces Why The Chain Transportation Time Will Be Biased


Chain transmission and transportation may slowly have e […]

Chain transmission and transportation may slowly have errors. Although it is not very large, but the accumulation of time, there will be some errors in the transmission. How is this error produced? The Drive Chain manufacturer will explain to you below.


Chain errors can affect the accuracy of tool movements. In some cases, it is the main factor affecting machining accuracy. For example, when hobbing gears, the ratio of the speed of the hob to the speed of the workpiece needs to be stable and unchanged, and adhere to a strict kinematic relationship.


When the components in the chain (such as hobbing and hanging wheels, indexing worm gear pairs, etc.) have manufacturing errors and installation errors, and wear during use, they will damage the accurate kinematic connection and make the rolled gear errors ( Such as weekly joint errors, weekly joint cumulative errors and tooth shape errors, etc.). Therefore, the accuracy of the machine tool chain depends first on the manufacturing and installation accuracy of each component, and secondly on the orientation of each component in the chain.


Therefore, if you want to avoid errors in the chain transmission, you must be precise when installing, so as to avoid or reduce the error, but you can adjust it when there is an error, which is not very obstructive.

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