What Kind Of Lubricant Is Suitable For Industrial Chain


The liquid oily substance used in chain lubrication has […]

The liquid oily substance used in chain lubrication has the functions of lubrication, rust prevention, waterproof and antifriction for industrial chains. According to the different base oils, additives and production processes, they are divided into two categories: industrial grade and food grade. Chain oil is an industrial lubricant. Used for lubrication and rust prevention of various Industrial Chain , reducing friction and wear, improving transmission efficiency and extending chain life. Chain oil is composed of base oil and additives, which can be divided into:

  1. Mineral oil chain oil. Base oils are mineral oils that are mainly used under normal operating conditions.
  2. Synthetic oil chain oil, composed of synthetic oil base oil, is mainly used in high temperature and other working environments.
  3. Bio-based chain oil is mainly composed of renewable vegetable oil base oil. Due to the development of technology, the performance of vegetable oils and lubricants has been greatly improved, and some products have reached the level of performance of synthetic oils. Due to their degradability and low toxicity, these chain oils are often used in sensitive areas such as water sources, wetlands and food processing plants. It is also divided into different chain oils according to the use environment.

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