Motorcycle Chains Manufacturers Introduce The Reasons Why The Lifting Chain Can Not Be Welded


The lifting chain is composed of multiple chain links. […]

The lifting chain is composed of multiple chain links. The size and pitch of each chain link are specified. On the same lifting chain, these data should be equal, but if it is welded after welding, the link data will be different from the data of other unwelded chain links, which will affect the service life of the entire lifting chain. It is a chain that can be widely used in mines. The safety of the lifting chain is high, but the chain cannot be welded. Next, the motorcycle chains manufacturers will introduce why the lifting chain cannot be welded.

1. The welded chain will have obvious traces, but during the lifting process, the chain runs in the lifting sprocket. The increase of the chain data will increase the wear of the chain and the sprocket and reduce its service life.
2. Welding will destroy the integrity of the chain. During lifting work, the load-bearing capacity of the welded part will be weakened, increasing the risk of chain breakage.

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