Motorcycle Chain Also Has Its Own Unique Model


Like engine oil, Motorcycle Chain also has its own mode […]

Like engine oil, Motorcycle Chain also has its own model. According to different vehicle requirements, the chain model used should also be the corresponding chain model.

The label of the oil represents its adaptability to temperature and degree of lubrication, while the label of the chain represents its size. Take the above picture as an example. 428VX is the model of this chain. It is divided into three parts: 4-28-VX.

4 means that the distance between its two pins is 4/8 inches, 28 means that the inner width of the chain (the distance between the two inner links) is 2.8/8 inches, and VX is its oil seal shape The code name.

This model determines whether the chain matches the bite teeth on the chainring and sprocket of the vehicle.

In addition, there is another code to represent the length and connection of the chain.

Generally speaking, motorcycle chains are divided into two types: shrapnel type and riveted type.

Shrapnel chains are more used in commuter vehicles, with simple structure, quick disassembly, and convenient DIY maintenance. The riveting type is more rigid, so it is common on performance cars and requires special tools for maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, the chain is like muscles and ligaments to the vehicle, and is responsible for the power transmission of the engine and tires. However, riders are more enthusiastic about the maintenance and modification of tires, calipers, and shock absorbers, and often overlook this humble but vital structure. But in fact, as long as you spend a little bit more thinking about cleaning and maintenance for this little guy when washing the car, you will have a completely different riding experience!

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