Industrial Chain Manufacturers Share How To Judge The Reliability Of Guardrail Chains


If a guardrail chain is used, its reliability is very i […]

If a guardrail chain is used, its reliability is very important. The following Industrial Chain manufacturer will introduce you how to judge its reliability:


"Prescribed conditions" is a prerequisite for measuring product reliability. In general, the reliability of the guardrail chain can be judged from the aspects of use conditions, maintenance conditions, environmental conditions and test specifications. Under different conditions, the reliability of the same product is different. If the guardrail chain reaches the specified performance index, even if the prescribed function is completed, otherwise, it is said that the guardrail chain loses the prescribed function. The state where a product loses its specified function is generally referred to as a "failure" of the product, and it is also commonly referred to as a "failure" for products that can be repaired. It should be pointed out that the prescribed functions of the same guardrail chain are generally composed of several items, arranged in order according to their importance.


When judging the reliability of the guardrail chain, comprehensive consideration should be taken, and the reliability may be lower as the time of use is longer.

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