Agricultural Chain Manufacturer Introduces The Use Requirements Of Chain Conveyor


Agricultural Chain manufacturer introduced that the cha […]

Agricultural Chain manufacturer introduced that the chain conveyor is suitable for a variety of environments and requirements. Specifically, it can be summarized as the following:


1. Diversity of delivered goods

Chain conveyors can transport almost all types of goods: bulk goods, small items, large items, various goods, items by weight, electronic components as small as a few grams, and goods as large as a dozen tons can be imported through chains .


2. The adaptability of the harsh conveyor loop

The chain feeder can work normally in a variety of harsh environments, whether it is low temperature, high-end, dust, toxic medium, corrosive medium and heavy load. Therefore, in the cold storage of low temperature and high temperature as the main line, extensive forest belts, lime soil cement plants and equipment coating lines are willing to use chain conveyors.


3. Arbitrariness of the delivery direction of the goods

The chain conveyor can not only realize horizontal, vertical and inclined conveyance, but also can fluctuate conveying according to the environmental conditions of the workshop, without the need for multiple unit combinations. It can not only realize linear transmission, but also circular transmission, so that the transmission direction is arbitrary.


4. Only precise and implicit delivery is required during the operation

The operation of the chain conveyor is realized by the transmission sprocket and the chain engaging the transmission chain. Therefore, there is no elastic sliding belt transmission, thereby ensuring that the feeding speed of the chain conveyor is correct and stable, and the accuracy of the synchronous transmission is ensured. Therefore, in the automated production process, this feature is often used to control the beat of the production line.


5. Long life and high efficiency

The life and efficiency of the conveyor depends on the input components. The components of the conveyor chain are made of various materials with different properties, but mainly made of metal. Even if the chains of various materials are used, the overall and partial performance requirements of the conveyor chain are coordinated and rational during design and manufacture. Therefore, compared with other components, the conveyor chain has the characteristics of high strength and long service life. Combined with the chain and sprocket is the meshing drive. The friction resistance of the chain hinge is small, so the chain conveyor has the characteristics of long service life and high efficiency.

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